Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The BFP!

On June 23rd 2008, I was fast asleep when the phone rang. "Guess what? Ramona is pregnant.", said my mom as she announced her neighbor was expecting. I didn't know how to react, because I was half asleep and a little envious. "That's nice.", I responded. 

Even though we had never really "tried" getting preggers, Nicolas (my DH) and I felt we were ready. With the term PCOS constantly hovering over us, we weren't sure we were going to easily get pregnant. But I was ready (I think he had been ready for a while). I finished my last pack of birth control pills in January, but with my lack of menstruation due to PCOS, we didn't know whether or not we had a chance. That, combined with the fact that my father had a serious injury at work (thank you Lord for his full recovery), made me sidetrack for a while.

Once my dad was nice and healthy, I decided I should go to an RE to get some bloodwork done to determine whether or not I ovulated. Most people try for a few years before getting help, but I tend to do things a little differently. I needed to know I was okay before getting my hopes up. Turns out, all my tests came back normal. "Normal?", I thought. "I don't even get a period". Nevertheless I was now convinced I was "normal", even thought I have PCOS. The doctor prescribed Provera (a medication that makes you get a period), and we would see if that would work well. Apparently, it's recommended to have a period 3-4 times a year, so we were going to go that route first. This was in April, and by the end of that month I got my period as expected. Then, they told me about all the tests available, and I decided I would wait till maybe August to have them done (they sounded painful and I wanted to give it a shot without anything). I told myself, "Maybe I'll get pregnant in June or July". 

Years ago, I suffered from a couple of lovely conditions called IBS, and Acid Reflux. I was under great stress back then, and when I managed my stress, my symptoms went away. In June 2008, I started feeling ill again. I had pain in my lower abdomen, sensitivity to certain foods, heartburn, and so on. I was sure my IBS was back. But then, I noticed I was peeing every few minutes, I became completely grossed out by my poor turtle, I no longer craved chicken (those who know me know that's strange) and my boobs hurt. Did I think I was pregnant? Nope. I thought my period was coming on it's own, and I even thought I could have caught salmonella.


But that morning, on June 23rd when my mom called, it was my day to find out the truth. I got up, brushed my teeth, and went to the living room to watch tv. I turned it on, and there was a show called "Bringing Home Baby". I watched as a couple brought their baby home, and on the commercial break, I thought to myself, "Hey! What if I'm pregnant?". I rushed over to a drawer in my bedroom, and took out a pregnancy test. I had recently purchased a ton of them, because this was the year I was going to try. I did the test, and laid it on the counter. I got up to flush, and I noticed something shocking! Two big fat purple lines. If there had been a nanny cam in that room, someone would have laughed their ass off at my reaction. I literally shook from head to toe, and kept mumbling "I'm pregnant? I'm pregnant?", over and over again. With my pants still around my ankles (I forgot to put them up), I managed to run to the next room to get another test. Almost instantly, the lines appeared again. "What if it's the brand?", I thought. I searched for an older test I knew I had in that same drawer. I found it, and there it was. Another big fat positive.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the woman who's pregnancy my mom announced to me on that day, has lost her baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. My prayers go out to her and her family. God Bless.