Friday, December 5, 2008

About Cravings

(Looking a little tired here)
I still can't live without my popsicles, and pink pajamas!

I haven't had a great appetite, and I have suffered from ongoing nausea, but I have had a few little cravings. If I see someone on TV eating something that looks good, I want to have some and it almost always results with me either cooking what I saw, or ordering what I saw. Mostly my cravings have been home made Mexican food, and other than that it's been fruit, Chinese, and going to buffets to sample a little bit of everything.

Lived on mangoes for a loooong time. That was all I could eat.

Then I moved on to plums. Yummy!

Had to have my chinese! I love kung pao chicken! Even though I got sick. lol

Must have been around 6 months here, cause my belly sure isn't this small now!